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NITE Japan-GHS is a compilation of GHS classification results by the Japanese Government under the responsibility of NITE so that only the latest classification results are displayed. The details are as follows.

[Features of NITE Japan-GHS]

Posting of only the latest GHS classification results by the Japanese Government (for substances that were
 reclassified multiple times, only the latest results are combined)
Rewriting of expressions, codes, etc. in classification result according to the JIS Z 7252:2019 and Z 7253:2019
 (based on the UN GHS 6th revised edition)
Description of only one hazard category (in the GHS classification by the Japanese Government, there may be
 two hazard categories indicated depending on the conditions, selected one in accordance with the adoption rules)
A list of all hazard categories of classified substances is available (Excel file)
A list containing only the rationales for the classification of classified substances is also available (Excel file)

[Last update: June 21, 2024]

Classification results (Excel, HTML) and lists (Excel) are available from the links below.

View a list of GHS classification results in NITE Japan-GHS
Download a list of hazard categories for all target substances
Download a list of rationales for the classification for all target substances
View a list of target substances on NITE-CHRIP

 * GHS Classification Result by the Japanese Government is intended to provide a reference for preparing a GHS label or SDS for users. To include the same classification result in a label or SDS for Japan is NOT mandatory.
 * Users can cite or copy this classification result when preparing a GHS label or SDS. Please be aware, however, that the responsibility for a label or SDS prepared by citing or copying this classification result lies with users.
 * This GHS classification was conducted based on the information sources and the guidance for classification and judgement which are described in the GHS Classification Guidance for the Japanese Government etc. Using other literature, test results etc. as evidence and including different content from this classification result in a label or SDS are allowed.

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