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GHS-aligned Labelling for Consumer Products


This page provides information about GHS-aligned labellings for consumer products.

Guidance on consumer product risk assessment for GHS labelling

NITE publishes guidance on risk assessment for chronic health hazards of chemicals in consumer products related to GHS classification labeling.

Activities of industry association

Although there is no clear legal obligation regarding GHS-aligned labeling for consumer products, various industry associations publish voluntary GHS labeling standards and guidelines.

GHS voluntary labeling for household coatings (Japan Paint Manufacturers Association (JPMA))

The Japan Paint Manufacturers Association published the "Household paint GHS voluntary labeling guidelines" to provide appropriate information on "household paints" for general consumers and is promoting to disseminate voluntary GHS labeling.

Voluntary standard guidelines for GHS labeling on household adhesives (Japan Adhesive Industry Association (JAIA))

The Japan Adhesive Industry Association publishes the " Voluntary standard guidelines for GHS labeling on household adhesives" to provide appropriate information on "household adhesives" for general consumers.

Voluntary industry standards for GHS labeling (Japan Soap and Detergent Association (JSDA))

The Japan Soap and Detergent Association publishes enlightenment contents such as technical guidance and leaflets introducing GHS for the voluntary introduction of GHS into household consumer products such as soaps and detergents.

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