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The GHS classification results are available with additional information.


Chemical Management Center (CMC) of National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) published the GHS classification results with the following additional information.

1) Hazard statement codes and texts
2) Precautionary statement codes and texts

These codes are the recommended codes assigned to each of the hazard statements applicable to the hazard categories under the GHS. Each code is consist of one letter ("H" or "P") and three numbers. They are intended to be used the GHS classification results for reference purposes by non-Japanese and non-English-speaking users.

Additionally, in this upgrading our website, CMC published the GHS classification results in newly designed Excel and HTML format, and added a link to a model label and SDS, which were published by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), at the bottom of each page of the classified substances if the substance has the label and SDS.

The GHS classification results are provided for enterprises to comply with regulation and promote voluntary management, for the national/local government to manage chemical substances and for the public to enhance understanding of safety of chemical substances. CMC will continuously put in place GHS information to support enterprises, the government and the public.

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