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NITE-CHRIP is a database provided information on Risk Assessments

and Laws & Regulations, etc., of chemical substances.

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  • General Information
    • General Information
      • General Information    Data Description
        • CHRIP_IDC004-661-75ACAS RN67-66-3
          Chemical Substance NameChloroform
          Molecular FormulaCHCl3
          Molecular Weight119.38
    • Synonym
      • Synonym    Data Description
        • SynonymFLON-20
          Formyl trichloride
          Methane trichloride
  • Laws and Regulations in Other countries
      • EU: CLP Harmonised Classification    Data Description    To ECHA site
        • Index Number602-006-00-4EC Number200-663-8
          Namechloroform; trichloromethane
          ClassificationCarc. 2 / Repr. 2 / [Inh.]Acute Tox. 3 / [Oral]Acute Tox. 4 / STOT RE 1 / Eye Irrit. 2 / Skin Irrit. 2
      • China: Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals 2015    Data Description
        • Number
          Other NameChloroform
      • Korea: ARECs (K-REACH); Existing Chemical Substances    Data Description
        • KE NumberKE-34076
          CategoryExisting Chemical Substances (Domestically distributed commercial purpose before February 2, 1991.)
          Chemical Substance NameTrichloromethane ; Chloroform
          RemarksIn the case of being hydrated, the resulting hydrate is also applicable.
      • Korea: ARECs (K-REACH) / CCA; Hazardous Substance(s), Priority Control Substances    Data Description
        • Number
          CategoryToxic Substance(s)
          Chemical Substance NameChloroform
          Range of Application (%)
          Annex I-9
          CategoryPriority Control Substances
          Chemical Substance NameChloroform
          The date of enforcement is July 1, 2019.
      • Korea: ARECs (K-REACH); Others    Data Description
        • Number15
          CategoryPhase-in substance(s) subject to registration (by June 30, 2018)
          Chemical Substance NameTrichloromethane; Chloroform
          The registration grace period is until June 30, 2018
      • Taiwan: TCCSCA; Toxic Chemicals    Data Description
        • Listed No./Series No.54/01
          Toxicity Classify1
          English NameChloroform
          Chinese Name三氯甲烷
          Control concentration standard (w/w%)50
          Large-scale handling standard(kg)50