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Fine Bubbles


NITE supports innovation through developing testing and evaluating method for emerging technologies such as the fine bubbles

A fine bubble is a very small one contained in a liquid, and its size is typically less than 100 micrometers. An ultrafine bubble is smaller still, and the size of less than 1 micrometer.

Because water containing fine bubbles shows very unique characteristics compared to normal water, there has been a growing interest in a wide range of applications of water with fine bubbles, such as cleaning semiconductor wafers, bridge piers and toilet bowls, promoting growth of plants and supplying oxygen in fish farms.

NITE is developing testing and evaluating technologies for fine bubbles.
NITE also engages in establishing international standards related to fine bubbles.

Measurement of the size and the concentration of fine bubbles in water by the Particle Tracking Analysis System

Fine bubbles can promote the growth of plants
Photo by Fine Bubble Industries Association (FBIA)

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