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Deposits requiring MTA for distribution


Upon distribution of the deposited biological materials that require MTA (material transfer agreement) for the distribution to third parties, the client must provide a signed pledge stating that he/she will obtain a written consent from the depositor for an industrial use of the materials. Thus, the depositor can trace and control the status of the deposited biological materials.

When you would like to deposit your biological materials that require MTA, then please read the "Agreement for the use of biological material depository system [PDF:42KB]". Biological materials of particular industrial usefulness will be widely accepted.


Depositary Procedure

In the case of "General deposit" and "Deposits requiring MTA for distribution", we will proceed as follow.

Please contact to our desk ( or responsible staff who specializes in your microorganisms (see here). Plant pathogen(s) from outside Japan is (are) necessary to approval of import before shipping. NOTE: Please inform us of the necessary conditions for handling the biological materials, including the medium, cultivation temperature, aerobic/anaerobic condition, cultivation period, etc.
The contact person will reply whether acceptable or not as soon as possible.
Fill the Accession Form and send your materials together to the contact person. Please download appropriate Accession Form for your deposition from here. NOTE: Any forms of biological materials are acceptable for deposit, such as L- dried form (by frozen and active cultures), unless there is problem in survival activity at depositary.
We send NBRC accession number via e-mail after primary check (living check, sequence of 16S for bacteria). In some cases, we send back material(s) to depositors to confirm identification, contamination, quality of survibe, etc.
Only for general deposit, after preservation and quality check, NBRC will issue the certification "Notice of acceptance of biological genetic resources" that is certifiable for the type strain.

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