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NITE-CHRIP is a database provided information on Risk Assessments

and Laws & Regulations, etc., of chemical substances.

Notes for the NITE-CHRIP
NITE Chemical Risk Information Platform (NITE-CHRIP) is a database provided free of charge over the Internet, and shows comprehensive information on Risk Assessments and Laws & Regulations etc. of chemical substances that can be searched by entering the number, name etc. or provided by a list for each categories.
Terms of Use
NITE-CHRIP has been operated by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (hereinafter referred to as "NITE"). The use of NITE-CHRIP is subject to the following terms of use. It should be noted that the present Terms of Use are subject to change. At the time of your use of NITE-CHRIP, please check the latest contents of the Terms of Use. Through this NITE-CHRIP you are able to link to other websites operated by external organizations. When you use the external websites, please use them in accordance with the respective conditions of use.

Anyone can use (duplication, public transmission, adaptation of translation and deformation, etc.) the information of NITE-CHRIP in accordance with the following conditions. Commercial use is also possible.
Source citation
(1) The user must cite the source when using the data of NITE-CHRIP.
(2) If you have edited the information of NITE-CHRIP for use, you must include a statement expressing that the content has been edited, in addition to the abovementioned source citation. Making public or using edited information in a format that may be misconstrued as having been created by NITE is prohibited.
(1) We make ensure the accuracy of the information of NITE-CHRIP. However, we do not take any responsibility to any actions caused by usage of the information of NITE-CHRIP.
(2) We do not control third-party websites and are not responsible for the contents of any linked-to, third-party websites or any hyperlink in a linked-to website. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of third-party websites.
(3) The information of NITE-CHRIP may be modified, moved or deleted without prior notice.
No infringement of third party rights
(1) In some cases, a third party (refers to a party other than NITE. Hereinafter referred to as "Third Party") may hold copyrights or other rights to a part of the information of NITE-CHRIP. For the information where a Third Party holds copyrights or other rights, it is the responsibility of the user to obtain consent for use from the Third Party unless there is explicit indication that the rights have already been cleared.
(2) If a Third Party holds rights to a part of the information of NITE-CHRIP, said fact may be directly or indirectly stated or indicated through source citations, but in some cases the part of the information to which the Third Party holds the rights may not be clear or may not be explicitly stated. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm the rights pertaining to use of the information.
About Links
You can set up links to the website of NITE-CHRIP, if you state clearly that this is a link to the NITE-CHRIP website.
However, the links from Websites listed below will be refused.
- including contents against the law
- including contents which are offensive to public order and morals
- conveying misleading impression that the website of NITE-CHRIP is a part of the original site.
About CAS registration number
The CAS Registry Numbers® are the intellectual property of the American Chemical Society, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) division; and are used by NITE with the express permission of CAS. Redistribution of CAS Registry Numbers is permitted only with the prior written permission of CAS.
  • Chemical substance name : When a substance is registered as a generic substance group (example: *** compound, *** salt, or a substance having two or more isomers), precise information on each substance may, depending on search conditions, not be available in NITE-CHRIP.
  • Characters of displayed name : Subscripts or italicized characters are displayed as standard characters. Superscripts are displayed in brackets.
    (Example: 52⇒5(2))
  • To determine whether a substance is regulated by certain law or not, please contact the relevant authorities or our Chemical Management Center.