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NITE Chemical Risk Information Platform (NITE-CHRIP)

  December 4, 2018  Data on NITE-CHRIP has been updated.
  June 6, 2017  Manual on NITE-CHRIP has been published. You can see from the footer of top page.
Total Search System for Chemical Substances
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You can search the comprehensive information on a target chemical substance (information on hazardous property/hazard assessments or regulations, etc.) by entering its number, name, molecular formula or structure as a keyword.
You can search it by using the following item as a keyword.
CHRIP_ID , Chemical Substance Name , CAS Registry No. , MITI No. , ISHA No. , EC No. , UN No.
The regulated chemical substances by each law or the assessed substances by each organization, etc. will be displayed in an individual list. Specifying a substance on a list, you can also see comprehensive information (contains information on hazard assessments or regulations, etc.).