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NITE-CHRIP is a database provided information on Risk Assessments

and Laws & Regulations, etc., of chemical substances.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)
Q 1.In "General Information", why some chemical substance names at the "Chemical Substance Name" don't correspond to CAS registry number?
A 1.Though NITE is continuously developing and registering IUPAC names of chemical substances in NITE-CHRIP, currently some of the names in "General Information" are generalised names or publicly notified names in laws and regulations.
These names are sometimes inclusive ones containing plural structures, in such cases, CAS registry number may not correspond the part of the substances represented by the name.
Q 2.There are molecular formula different from general ones. What description method is adopted?
A 2.The molecular formula in NITE-CHRIP is displayed with the method adopted by CAS and Hill method.
Using this method, the molecular formula of multicomponent substances (salt, addition compound, mixture, copolymer, hydrate, alloy, intermetallic compound, compound of variable composition, etc.) are displayed by each component and the points connecting them.
For example, when sodium carbonate is displayed by this method, its molecular formula is "CH2O3.2Na", which is made by "CH2O3"- carbonate, "Na"- sodium, and "." connecting point.
For listing elements, Hill method is adopted in NITE-CHRIP, too. First, C is listed, second, H is listed, and subsequently, other elements are listed in alphabetical order. When the substance doesn't contain carbon, all elements are listed in alphabetical order.
Q 3.How can we confirm whether the substance to be manufactured or imported is an existing chemical substance etc. of Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL), or not?
A 3.You can investigate the current status of the chemical substance regarding CSCL with NITE-CHRIP.
Please refer to FAQ of CSCL(in Japanese) in detail.
Q 4.What can I do to compare search results of plural substances from the Interim Search Results (CHRIP_ID based)?
A 4.By pushing Ctrl and Clicking "No." or " ► " displayed on the Interim Search Results (CHRIP_ID based), you can display Search Results in new tab. Similarly, you can compare Search Results of plural lists.
Q 5.There are chemical substances displaying (※1)(※2)(※3) at the Interim Search Results(CHRIP_ID based). What does it mean?
A 5.
(※1) The substance which matches the substance indicated by MITI number or cabinet order number when a certain condition is fulfilled. The condition is listed in the remarks column of the search result, so be sure to check it.
(※2) The substance which is regarded as CSCL: Class I Specified Chemical Substances, Class II Specified Chemical Substances, Monitoring Chemical Substances, Priority Assessment Chemical Substances by the operation notification "Implementation of the Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc. 3-2(1)".
(※3) The substance which had been designated in accordance with paragraph (5) of Article 2 of the CSCL: Priority Assessment Chemical Substances and later was cancelled.
Q 6.Why is not displayed the search result when the number of CAS registry number hits exceeds 5000?
A 6.CAS registry numbers are the intellectual property of the American Chemical Society, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) division.
NITE-CHRIP operates based on CAS Information Use Policies.
CAS Information Use Policies
Individuals or groups can download and use 5000 numbers at most, so the result isn't displayed on NITE-CHRIP if the number of CAS registry number hits exceeds 5000.
Q 7.If regulatory information is not displayed, can we decide the regulation is not applicable?
A 7.NITE is sequentially linking the exemplified substances corresponding to each law or regulation using related documents or HP of the competent authorities, but not all chemical substances subject to the laws and regulations are listed in NITE-CHRIP.
Therefore, chemical substances, whose information about the law or regulation is not displayed in NITE-CHRIP, may subject to the law or regulation.
When you can't confirm regulatory status by using NITE-CHRIP, please consult the competent authorities.
Q 8.Please tell us the information about CAS registry number not displayed at NITE-CHRIP.
A 8.Although NITE-CHRIP posts information related to chemical management with the CAS registration number of the substance concerned, CAS registry number is given by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), not NITE.
Please contact CAS about the information of CAS registry number.
Q 9.Where is the data of physical and chemical properties?
A 9.The data of physical and chemical properties got old, so it was removed at the time of renewal of NITE-CHRIP, April 7 2016. Similar data is available in each country's hazard assessment sheet, ICSC card, GHS classification result etc. Please see them.
Also, the data of physical and chemical properties was gathered by NITE in chemical substance evaluation promotion project. So please refer to this. (in Japanese)
Q 10.Was the GHS classification conducted by NITE? Also, what should I do when I have a question about the detail of category or rationale of the classification?
A 10.GHS classification result published on our website was conducted by the GHS-related ministries, not NITE. When you have a question about the detail of category or rationale of the classification, please contact the ministries which conducted GHS classification, or NITE (NITE inquires your question to the related ministries).

○Contact address of GHS-related ministries:
Contact information of GHS(Please refer to contact address of "Classification Results")

○Contact address of NITE:
Data Analysis Division, Chemical Management Center, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)
TEL: +81-3-3481-1999 FAX: +81-3-3481-2900
Please use the Contact Form.
Q 11.How can I link directly to search screen or search result screen?
A 11.The following is a method of linking directly.

【CHRIP_ID direct link】[CHRIP_ID]&bcPtn=5
You don't need to enter [] surrounding CHRIP_ID.

【CAS direct link】[CAS registry number]&ltNumTp=1&bcPtn=5
You don't need to enter [] surrounding CAS registry number.

【Link to lists】[source of information ID]&bcPtn=6
Please enter source of information ID corresponding to lists at [source of information ID].
Please refer to this about source of information ID. Then, you don't need to enter [] surrounding source of information ID.

Please refer to this about the method of directly linking to the page other than top page or lists.
Q 12.Where is the data of laws and regulations of Thailand or Vietnam?
A 12.You can see the laws and regulations about Thailand or Vietnam at ASEAN-Japan Chemical Safety Database (AJCSD), now. Please see AJCSD about the laws and regulations of ASEAN countries other than Thailand or Vietnam.
Also, if the chemical substance has data in AJCSD, the link to the search result page in AJCSD is displayed in the search result of NITE-CHRIP. Please use it.