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Multilateral Recognition Arrangements (MLA) for IAF and APAC

In general, the conformity and competence of the accreditation program operated by an accreditation body to international standards and guides is recognized and assured by being a signatory to multilateral recognition arrangements (MLA). To be a signatory is subject to a thorough peer evaluation by an international team which consists of members from other accreditation bodies that are MLA signatories. Even after being a signatory, the accreditation body must be re-evaluated periodically in order to confirm its conformity and competence continuously. MLA signatories are obliged to recognize the equivalence of management system, competence, and the results of conformity assessment by the other MLA signatories as those of their own and to promote the use of the test results of the other signatories to users or regulatory sectors within the economy.

IAJapan is a signatory to MLA of Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) as well as International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Among the accreditation programs operated by IAJapan, MLA recognition status covers Accreditation System of National Institute of Technology and Evaluation for Product Certification Bodies (ASNITE-Product). Therefore, certification results with respective accreditation symbols of ASNITE -Product is expected to be accepted as competent to relevant users or regulators in overseas.

For information about Multilateral Recognition Arrangements (MRA) in the fields of calibration, testing, medical testing, inspection accreditation, reference material producers and proficiency testing providers, please visit our page on ILAC, APAC and MRA.

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International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and IAF/MLA

IAF is a global cooperative organization amongst accreditation bodies of certification bodies recognized in their nations and Regions. It started its MLA operation in 1998. For the detail of IAF, please check IAF website.

IAF MLA Signatories Updated 2019/10/23

This image is the table which explains the number of signatories, number of signatories by main scopes and number of signatories by sub scopes. IAF official website is also available to see details of the table.
※ Please check IAF website for the latest information.

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