Biological Resource Center, NITE (NBRC)


Our mission

NBRC, as one of the leading public biological resource centers in the world, has been collecting, preserving and providing high-quality microbial resources and information.

About us

Distribution and Deposit of Biological Resources
Microbial resources such as bacteria including actinomycetes and archaea, yeasts, fungi, algae, bacteriophages and DNA resources for academic research and industrial applications.
Access and Benefit-Sharing(ABS)
Based on the Convention on Biological Diversity, NBRC concludes MOU, PA and MTA with other countries to establish systems for conservation and sustainable use of microbial resources and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their use. NBRC supports activities to access to the overseas microbial resources with utilizing the framework of such collaboration work.
Providing Genomic Information
NBRC provides valuable genomic information (including genomic sequence, physical map, annotation data and proteomic data) of mainly "NBRC strains" concerning public health, food safety, energy production, environmental management and other industrial applications.
Patent Deposit
NITE Patent Microorganisms Depositary (NPMD) and International Patent Organism Depositary, NITE(IPOD, NITE) accept, preserve and distribute patent microorganisms as an international organization as stipulated in the Budapest Treaty and as a domestic organization designated by Japan Patent Office.
Application of Biomolecular Analysis Technologies
To contribute to safe living, NBRC analyzes consumer products on the basis of biomolecular analysis technologies.

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ISO, JIS, Japanese Pharmacopoeia Test Strains
A group of microbial strains authorized by the International Standards (ISO), Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and Japanese Pharmacopoeia to be used in officially standardized examinations
The human Gateway entry clones used in the iPS cell research
NBRC is distributing copies of the human cDNA clones to both academia and industries under our distribution policy.

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