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Challenge of realizing the more affluent society economically and spiritually everyone can be proud of

President Tatsumi Takashi

The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) was established originally in February 1928, as the Export Silk Fabrics Inspection Institute. From that time, NITE, as an organization of the Japanese government, has been building a long history of supporting the Japanese industrial policy technically by inspecting such as textile, mechanical and chemical products in order to make sure the reliability of industrial products for export.

In 2001, NITE was reorganized to an Incorporated Administrative Agency under the Japanese government. Since then, NITE has consistently provided technical infrastructures that reduce social risks and sustain economic development and public safety, in various technical fields including consumer product safety, chemical management, biotechnology, and accreditation. Among them, we are immensely proud of having conducted genomic analysis of new actinomycetes in cooperation with Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Kitasato University, Satoshi Omura, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2015.

Designated as an Agency Engaged in Administrative Execution under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2015, NITE reiterated its commitment to support legislation enforcement and industrial policies technically. NITE also contributed to promoting innovation by fully utilizing the technical expertise and knowledge obtained through its responsibilities.

The needs of people and industry in Japan for the government are varying on a daily basis, reflecting incessantly changing in the social and economic situation. Therefore, here at NITE, we should continuously keep up with the changing of such needs for the government without any delay. In this regard, NITE established internally the Global Center for Evaluation Technology (GCET) in 2015. The mission of GCET is to contribute to develop emerging businesses such as large-scale storage batteries and fine bubble technologies by developing testing and evaluation technologies, and international standardization for these emerging businesses. Along with the mission, in 2016, GCET started the operation of the world's largest testing and evaluating facilities for large-scale storage battery systems in Osaka.

In 2014, NITE set its long-term vision for 2030, which described that NITE should challenge for realizing the more affluent society economically and spiritually everyone can be proud of, by generating valuable technological information, developing evaluation standards including aspects of traditional industries and culture, and prevailing them globally, in the field of safety and reliability of industrial products, the environment, and energy. In line with this vision, utilizing our expertise accumulated in NITE for a long time, and challenging new social needs aggressively, we contribute to foster industrial development and strive for the establishment of a safer society.

I sincerely hope that you will understand the missions and activities of NITE and support us in our work.


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