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IAJapanInternational Accreditation Japan (IAJapan), as a governmental organisation, accredits testing laboratories, calibration laboratories, product certification bodies, reference material producers according to the international standards, and supports the reliability of data in testing and calibration as well as the quality of product.

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About us

About IAJapan
Introduction to IAJapan as the accreditation body
Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS)
JCSS is the accreditation and registration system of calibration laboratory
Japan National Laboratory Accreditation (JNLA)
JNLA is the accreditation and registration system for testing laboratory
Measurement Laboratory Accreditation Program (MLAP)
MLAP is a registration system to carry out the micro-measurement of ultra-micro substances more precisely and to ensure the reliability of measurement certificates
Accreditation System of National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (ASNITE)
ASNITE is an accreditation system for calibration, testing, reference material producers, product certification bodies
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Japan Accreditation Council (JAC)

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IAJapan publications relevant to its programs
IAJapan Accredited CABs
List of facilities accredited or registered by IAJapan
Technical Information
Information about measurement uncertainty, traceability and proficiency testing

Frequently used information

Calibration Laboratories by JCSS
List of JCSS calibration laboratories
Testing Laboratories by JNLA
List of JNLA testing laboratories
Conformity Assessment Bodies by ASNITE
List of ASNITE conformity assessment bodies
International Recognition (MRA/MLA)
Information about our roles in International Recognition (MRA/MLA)

International Organizations

International Organizations operating MRA/MLA among membership of accreditation bodies, including IAJapan (each link opens at the other window)

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