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MiFuP is a database of functional potentials deduced from microbial genomes

You can easily search for existing microbes with potential functions of your interest, and search for functional potentials from your own microbial genome sequences or CDS sequences.

What is MiFuP?

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   The site is a database of functional potentials deduced from microbial genomes.
MiFuP wiki
   MiFuP wiki describes how microbes demonstrates functions and how its functions are utilized in bioindustry.




Genome Information Database (DOGAN)

Database of the Genomes Analyzed at NITE

The database contains genome sequence data, physical maps and the genomic and proteomic data of the microorganisms analyzed.

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Genome Projects

General feature of the microorganisms and their genomes analyzed at NITE is shown.

Proteome Projects

List of proteome projects finished or been analyzed at NITE is shown.

Influenza Analysis Projects

NITE and National Institute of Infectious Diseases are jointly analyzing the genome of human influenza viruses.
The Novel H1N1 Influenza Virus (Swine Flu) analysis Project.(Since 2009)
Surveillance of seasonal influenza for vaccine development.(Since 2006)
Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) resistant strains emergency surveillance.(Enforcement in 2008)

What's Genome?

What's Genome?

Links for explanation of genome and DNA.

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