Consumer Product Safety


Our mission

The consumer products we encounter in our daily lives are many and varied. Meanwhile, product-related accidents occur in familiar situations. NITE collects information on those accidents, analyzes them, and investigates their causes. By making the results public, NITE helps to prevent accidents from recurring and assists businesses to develop and supply safe products.

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About us

Product Safety Information
NITE provides information associated with product-related accidents in a variety of ways to prevent accidents from recurring.
Product Accident Information and Recall Information
NITE stores product-related accident information and investigation results in an accident database.
Reports and Publications
NITE compiles with survey results of collected accident information, quarterly and annually.
Product Safety seminars, etc.
NITE contributes to the implementation of Product Safety seminars.
NITE’s Accident Information Collection System
NITE collects product-related accident information, investigates their causes, and makes the results public. Through these activities, NITE helps to prevent similar accidents from occurring.
Promotion of Standardization
NITE develops and proposes standards/regulations concerning consumer product safety to prevent accidents.
On-the-Spot Inspection
By order of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, NITE conducts on-site inspection of manufacturers/importers to confirm their compliance with the applicable laws/regulations.

Search by types of information

Accident database (Japanese)
Product-related accident information and investigation results are stored in this database.
Recall Information database (Japanese)
Product-related recall information is stored in this database.

Contact us

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