Chemical Management

Risk Assessment of Chemical Substances


In an effort to ensure sound economic and industrial activity while protecting human health and the environment, the Chemical Management Center (CMC) provides the technical and information infrastructure necessary to support the development and implementation of chemical risk assessments.

1. Risk Assessment under the Chemical Substances Control Law

CMC has been developing scientific and objective risk assessment method for Priority Assessment Chemical Substances (PACs) and other chemical substances under the Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL).

CMC has published following documents and a tool (in Japanese).

Report summarizing the study results of the method to determine candidate PACs (The screening assessment)
Technical guidance documents for risk assessment of PACs (NITE draft)
Risk assessment tool based on the method that was proposed in the technical guidance documents (PRAS-NITE)

2. Risk Assessment of Consumer Exposure

CMC develops chronic health hazard risk assessment methods for repeated exposure to consumer products and gathers information necessary for consumer exposure assessments such as information on human behavior patterns. CMC published guidance and estimation tools for risk assessments of consumer products including "Guidance on a Consumer Product Risk Assessment for GHS Labelling" and "The Program for Estimating Human Exposure Used in the Risk Assessment of Consumer Products."

Guidance on a consumer product risk assessment for GHS labelling

CMC conducted the risk assessment on the health effects for Japanese people who are exposed to chemicals via those products indoors and in other places.

Risk Assessment for Chemicals in Consumer Products

3. Researches for Chemical Risk Assessment

CMC publishes risk assessment reports and other relevant information about its various risk assessment activities.

Study Group for Risk Assessment & Management

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