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Guidance on consumer product risk assessment for GHS labelling


These guidance documents aim to facilitate the product suppliers to especially apply GHS risk-based labelling to their products followed by assessing consumer risks on chronic health hazards of chemicals in products accompanied with consumer's normal use and/or foreseeable misuses. These can also help assess general direct exposure of the chemicals in products including articles.
These were developed in the context of the GHS risk-based labelling which is introduced in the Annex 5 to GHS*. These are also based on a document release by the GHS Inter-Ministerial Committee (GHS IMC) on 2007 Jun. 11, "Outlook on Risk Assessment for Consumer Products Based on Exposure for GHS Labelling".
The Chemical Management Center of the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE CMC) has released these based on the request from the MITI, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, a member of GHS IMC to develop more specific guidance, which suppliers should be referred to when the GHS labels apply their consumer products.
These documents was drafted by NITE CMC with the collaboration of relevant industry sectors followed by the review of experts recommended by GHS IMC.

* "Annex 5: Consumer product labelling based on the likelihood of injury" to "The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)", Revision 5. UN, 2013

The guidance includes the following documents.

The errors were found in the Main Document Reference materials No.2.
Reference materials No.2 have been corrected.   2009/8/21

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Human Exposure Estimation Software for Consumer Products (CHEM-NITE)

CHEM-NITE, standing for Consumer Human Exposure Model -NITE is a software to estimate the consumer exposure, developed based on the "Appendix 1: Basic Manual for Calculation of the Estimated Human Exposure Used in the Risk Assessment of Consumer Products" to "Guidance on a consumer product risk assessment for GHS labelling"(Guidance). Also, CHEM-NITE can estimate the exposure from various products including articles.

Outline Structure of CHEM-NITE

Composition files (
  1. 1.Readme.txt
  2. 2.CHEM-NITE-ver2e.xls
  3. 3.CHEM-NITE-ver2e_Manual.pdf
  4. 4.CHEM-NITE-ver2e_ex_Acetone.xls
  5. 5.CHEM-NITE-ver2e_ex_Ethanol.xls
  6. 6.CHEM-NITE-ver2e_ex_Linanol.xls

Software Requirements

CHEM-NITE is created and compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010. CHEM-NITE, using no complex formulae or macros, will be able to work in the Excel-compatible software such as the Excel for Mac OS and LibreOffice for Linux, which was confirmed by the simple operation check in them.

Installation and Uninstallation

To start the CHEM-NITE, extract the download file "" into a folder using Unzip or any other extracting tools. Move or copy the whole extracted folder into another folder. The works written in this document assume that you have already installed Excel 2010 or more version or the compatible one in your computer.
CHEM-NITE can be simply uninstalled by deleting the full folder. Don't care of the Windows System Registry.

* Uninstalling CHEM-NITE will not delete the Excel software.

Disclaimer and Download

CHEM-NITE ver.2e (Zip format: 2.06MB)  DOWNLOAD[ZIP:2.06MB]

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GHS Inter-Ministerial Committee "Outlook on Risk Assessment for Consumer Products Based on Exposure for GHS Labelling" (GHS Inter-Ministerial Committee Document, January 11, 2007). [Word:External Link]

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