Consumer Product Safety

On-the-Spot Inspection


On-the-Spot Inspection for Manufacturing Firms according to Enforcement of Laws by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

On-the-Spot Inspection for Compliance with Four Product Safety Laws
We perform boarding visits to business firms importing or manufacturing products that must ensure safety for general consumers (products regulated by the Consumer Products Safety Law, Law concerning the Securing of Safety and the Optimization of Transaction of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Gas Utility Industry Law, and Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law) and confirm compliance with technical standards as stipulated by these laws.
On-the-Spot Inspection for Compliance with the Industrial Standardization Law
We perform on-the-spot inspections for plants authorized to display the JIS mark pursuant to the Industrial Standardization Law (the registration system has been introduced since October 2005) to verify the stable capability to manufacture JIS-approved products.
In addition, we perform on-the-spot inspections as required according to the Measurement Law and the Household Goods Quality Labeling Law subject to instructions by government authorities.
Trial Purchase Inspection according to JIS
To confirm that JIS-mark labeled products meet the JIS standard, we purchase the products for inspection of quality, performance, and indications.

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