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Outline of the NITE’s Accident Information Collection System



NITE is collecting information on accidents occurred in your daily life

As part of the product safety administration of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, NITE has been collecting information on accidents with the products used in life, then conducting investigations, analyses, and disclosure about them since from 1974. According to the revision of the Consumer Products Safety Act in 2007, any manufacturer and/or importer who noticed any serious product accident has been obligated to report the accident information to the government (to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry at that time, to the Consumer affairs agency from September 2009). Now, NITE is collecting product accident information (non-serious product accidents) other than on serious product accidents.

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NITE is investigating accident information and their causes.

The contents of collected information on non-serious product accidents are investigated and analyzed and tests may be executed as necessary to investigate their causes. In addition, among serious product accidents reported to the government, regarding a serious product accident requiring technical investigations of engineering pertaining to safety, NITE conducts investigation on instruction by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

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NITE is disclosing investigation results to help prevent occurrence and recurrence of product accidents.

The investigation results of non-serious product accidents are disclosed periodically including the causes of accidents and recurrence preventive measures by companies through deliberations and evaluations by the Accident Trend Analysis Committee consist of academic experts, consumer representatives and so on.
Situations of investigation and analysis are reported occasionally, and administrative measures may be conducted as needed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry against such companies and/or business parties.

The Accident Trend Analysis Committee, consists of academic experts, consumer representatives and so on, has founded for the purpose of reviewing the investigation results of non-serious product accidents in a fair and neutral position. The committee deliberates validity of investigation results of accident causes, recurrence prevention measures, and technical analysis and/or evaluation results, and the committee evaluates NITE's approaches and efforts from a neutral viewpoint.

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