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Medium for strain sk43H
 Trace element mixture*1ml
 Selenite-tungstate solution**1ml
 Bicarbonate solution***30ml
 Vitamin solution****1ml
 Thiamine solution*****1ml
 Vitamin B12 solution******1ml
 Thiosulfate solution*******1.5ml
 Distilled water1L
 pH 7.2-7.4 
  Mix ingredients except for bicarbonate, vitamin, thiamine, cyanocobalamin and thiosulfate solutions. Dispense the medium into suitable culture vessels under a stream of nitrogen gas, seal with butyl rubber stoppers, and autoclave at 121°C for 15 min. Aseptically and anaerobically add other ingredients using sterile syringes, and the N2/CO2 (80/20) mixed gas is enclosed with the vessels. Adjust pH to 7.2-7.4 using compact pH meter. After inoculation, hydrogen gas should be added into haedspace to obtain mixing ratio H2/N2/CO2 = 50/40/10 (200 kPa).
  *Trace element mixture
   HCl (25%; 7.7 M)12.5ml
   Distilled water987ml
  Sterilized by autoclaving.
  **Selenite-tungstate solution
   Distilled water1L
  Sterilized by autoclaving.
  ***Bicarbonate solution (1.0 M)
   Distilled water100ml
  Saturated with CO2 gas. Tightly sealed in bottles filled with CO2 gas and then sterilized by autoclaving.
  ****Vitamine solution
   p-Aminobenzoic acid4mg
   Nicotinic acid10mg
   Sodium phosphate buffer (10 mM; pH7.1)100ml
  Sterilized by filtration.
  *****Thiamine solution
   Sodium phosphate buffer (25 mM; pH 3.4)100ml
  Sterilized by filtration.
  ******Vitamin B12 solution
   Distilled water100ml
  Sterilized by filtration.
  *******Thiosulfate solution (1.0 M)
   Distilled water100ml
  Sterilized by filtration and stored under N2 gas.