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Medium No.
Thermotoga medium
 Bacto Yeast Extract (Difco)1g
 Vitamin solution*2ml
 Trace element solution**1ml
 Distilled water1L
  Mix ingredients except for Na2CO3, vitamin solution, cysteine-HCl and Na2S·9H2O, and autoclave under a N2/CO2 atmosphere (80/20). Separately autoclave cysteine-HCl and Na2S·9H2O solutions as 3% solutions under a N2 atmosphere. Prior to inoculation, add the filter-sterile 5% Na2CO3 and vitamin solutions, cysteine-HCl, and Na2S·9H2O.
  *Vitamin solution
   Folic acid2mg
   Nicotinic acid5mg
   p-Aminobenzoic acid1mg
   Vitamin B120.01mg
   Distilled water1L
  **Trace elements solution
   Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA)12.8g
   Distilled water1L
  First dissolve nitrilotriacetic acid and adjust pH to 6.5 with NaOH, and then add minerals. Final pH 7.0.