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Medium for Strain GK12
 Yeast extract3g
 Trace element solution*1ml
 Vitamin solution**1ml
 Distilled water1L
 pH unajusted 
  Mix ingredients except vitamin, bicarbonate, cysteine and sulfide, and dispense the medium into suitable culture vessels under a stream of N2/CO2 (80/20) and seal with butyl rubber stoppers. After autoclaving (121°C, 15 min), aseptically and anaerobically add vitamin solution, bicarbonate solution, and cysteine and sulfide solutions using sterile syringes. The bicarbonate and vitamin solutions should be sterilized by filtration.
  *Trace element solution
   Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA)12.8g
   Distilled water1L
  First dissolve NTA in 200 ml of water and adjust the pH to 6.5 with KOH.
  **Vitamin solution
   Folic acid2mg
   Nicotinic acid5mg
   p-Aminobenzoic acid1mg
   Vitamin B125mg
   Lipoic acid5mg
   Distilled water1L