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PDA +Hygromycin medium
 Sodium hygromycin solution (50 mg/ml)*0.8ml
 Distilled water1L
  *Sterilize separately by filtration.
  Wash potatoes with tap water, peel and cut into 1 cm cubes. Rinse with tap water quickly and boil 200 g of potato cubes with 1 L of distilled water for 20 min. Mash and squeeze through a muslin bag. Add agar and boil till melted. Add glucose and stir till dissolved. Make up to 1 L. Adjust pH to 5.4 - 5.6. Autoclave to sterilize. Add antibiotic solutiion (*) after tempretures go down about 60C°.
Commercial Potato dextrose agar (Difco, Oxoid or Nissui) is also available.