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Basal Salt Medium with biphenyl
 Distilled water936ml
 20 x PO4*50ml
 100 x (NH4)2SO4**10ml
 1000 x FeSO4***1ml
 1000 x MgCl2**** 1ml
 1000 x Trace elements*****1ml
 1000 x Na2MoO4******1ml
 Agar (if needed)15g
  Sterilize separately and cool to 65°C. Aseptically add to the following medium in order.
  * 20 x PO4
   Distilled water1L
 pH 7.0 
  Adjust pH to 7.0 with KOH.
  ** 100 x (NH4)2SO4
   Distilled water1L
 pH 7.0 
  Adjust pH to 7.0 with NaOH.
  *** 1000 x FeSO4
   Distilled water100ml
  **** 1000 x MgCl2
   Distilled water100ml
  ***** 1000 x Trace elements
   Distilled water100ml
  ****** 1000 x Na2MoO4
   Distilled water100ml
  Substrate (biphenyl) was added at a concentration of 1g/liter. For agar plating medium, biphenyl was provided as a vapor by placing crystals on the lid of a petri dish. The dish was sealed with polyethylene tape.