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Medium No.
PYG Medium
  Bacto Tryptone (Difco) 5 g
  Bacto Peptone (Difco) 5 g
  Bacto Yeast Extract (Difco) 10 g
  Bacto Beef Extract (Difco) 5 g
  Glucose 5 g
  K2HPO4 2 g
  Cysteine-HCl·H2O 0.5 g
  Tween 80 1 ml
  Resazurin 1 mg
  Salt solution* 40 ml
  Hemin solution** 10 ml
  Menadione solution*** 10 ml
  Distilled water 940 ml
  pH 7.2  
    Dissolve ingredients except cysteine-HCl, hemin and menadione solutions, and adjust the pH to 7.2. Dispense the medium into suitable culture vessels under a stream of N2 gas and seal with butyl rubber stoppers. After autoclaving (121°C, 15 min), aseptically and anaerobically add the other ingredients.
    *Salt solution
      CaCl2·2H2O 0.25 g
      MgSO4·7H2O 0.5 g
      K2HPO4 1 g
      KH2PO4 1 g
      NaHCO3 10 g
      NaCl 2 g
      Distilled water 1 L
    **Hemin solution
    Dissolve 50 mg hemin first in 1 ml of 1 N NaOH. Then adjust volume to 100 ml.
    ***Menadione solution
    Dissolve 5 mg menadione first in 1 ml of ethanol. Then adjust volume to 100 ml.