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PPLO broth for Mycoplasma arginini
 Bacto PPLO Broth w/o CV (Difco)14.7g
 Horse serum*200ml
 25% Yeast extract solution**100ml
 Phenol red20mg
 100X MEM Vitamins (Gibco)1ml
 Agar (if needed)15g
 Distilled water600ml
 pH 7.1 
  *Sterilize by filtration, and add to another component sterilized by autoclaving.
  **Boil 250 g of dried baker's yeast suspended in 1 L of distilled water for 30 min, remove yeast cells by centrifugation, and sterilize by filtration.
  ***Prepare 100 mM solution and sterilize by filtration.
  The anaerobic growth on plates was carried out in an anaerobic jar equipped with a CO2-generating gas pack (Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc., Tokyo, Japan).