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Medium No.
Pyrococcus Medium
 Yeast extract1g
 Solution 1*10ml
 Solution 2**10ml
 Sulfur (powder)30g
 Distilled water1L
  Mix ingredients except solutions 1 and 2, sulfur, and Na2S·9H2O, and autoclave under a N2 atmosphere. Sulfur is sterilized separately by autoclaving for 60 min at 105℃ on each of 3 successive days. Neutralize Na2S·9H2O as a 5% solution, and autoclave under a N2 atmosphere. Aseptically and anaerobically add sterile sulfur and filter-sterile solutions 1 and 2 to the medium. Prior to inoculation, add the sterile Na2S·9H2O solution.
  *Solution 1
   Distilled water1L
  **Solution 2
   Distilled water1L