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Medium No.
Oceanithermus profundus medium
 Trace elements solution*10ml
 Vitamin solution**10ml
 Yeast extract2g
 Distilled water1L
 pH unadjusted 
  Mix ingredients except sucrose, NaHCO3 and vitamin solution. Dispense the medium into suitable culture vessels under a stream of N2 and seal with butyl rubber stoppers. After autoclaving, add filter-sterile sucrose, NaHCO3 and vitamin solutions.
  *Trace elements solution
  Dissolve the 2Na-EDTA in 500 ml of distilled water, and after adding the salts, make up to 1 L.
  **Vitamin solution
   Folic acid2mg
   Nicotinic acid5mg
   p-Aminobenzoic acid1mg
   Vitamin B120.01mg
   Distilled water1L