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Medium No.
Alkaline halophile medium
  KH2PO4 1 g
  KCl 1 g
  NH4Cl 1 g
  MgSO4·7H2O 0.24 g
  CaSO4·2H2O 0.17 g
  NaCl 200 g
  Sodium glutamate 1 g
  Bacto Yeast Extract (Difco) 5 g
  Casamino acids 5 g
  Trace elements solution* 1 ml
  Na2CO3 5 g
  Agar (if necessary) 20 g
  Distilled water 1 L
    Mix ingredients except Na2CO3 and adjust pH to 6.5 before autoclaving. Add Na2CO3 as a filter-sterile 10% solution after autoclaving. Check final pH to be 9.0-9.5. If agar medium is prepared, dissolve agar by heating before adding NaCl.
    *Trace elements solution
      2Na-EDTA 0.64 g
      MgSO4·7H2O 6.2 g
      MnSO4·4H2O 0.55 g
      NaCl 1 g
      FeSO4·7H2O 0.1 g
      CoCl2·6H2O 0.17 g
      CaCl2·2H2O 0.13 g
      ZnSO4·7H2O 0.18 g
      CuSO4 0.05 g
      H3BO3 0.01 g
      Na2MoO4·2H2O 0.011 g
      NiCl2·6H2O 0.025 g
    Dissolve the 2Na-EDTA in 500 ml of distilled water, and after adding the salts, make up to 1 L.