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Reference No. 1114
Journal/Book Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol.
Title A polyphasic reassessment of the genus Paenibacillus, reclassification of Bacillus lautus (Nakamura 1984) as Paenibacillus lautus comb. nov. and of Bacillus peoriae (Montefusco et al. 1993) as Paenibacillus peoriae comb. nov., and emended descriptions of P. lautus and of P. peoriae.
Author Heyndrickx, M., Vandemeulebroecke, K., Scheldeman, P., Kersters, K., de Vos, P., Logan, N.A., Aziz, A.M., Ali, N. & Berkeley, R.C.W.
Publication Year 1996
Volume 46
Page 988-1003