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The Establishment of corporative frameworks with East Asia_Korea


NITE promotes bilateral cooperation with East Asia on strengthening the relationship in the chemical management field through information exchange and cooperation.

Cooperative framework with the Korea Chemicals Management Association (KCMA)

NITE concluded the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote cooperation with the Korea Chemicals Management Association (KCMA) on September 24, 2014.

The aim of the MOU is to conduct enhanced cooperation and information communications recognizing that it contributes to the sustainable growth and a high level of protection of human health and of the environment from risks derived from chemicals. The Scope of the cooperation is the followings:
1) Sharing with each other the information of legislation, regulation and standardization in the field of chemical management, and providing information of the list from NITE's chemical risk information database "CHRIP (Chemical Risk Information Platform)" through the Internet,
2) Offering training programs to each members for the purpose of understanding and responding to each country's national laws and regulations, and so on.

 The conclusion of MOU is performed as a part of developing collaborative relationship with Asian Region, in line with NITE's promotion to contribute on facilitating Japanese companies' business activities for Asia. NITE strives after the improvement on the providing information on Korean regulated chemical substances through CHRIP by deepening the cooperative relationship.

Singed MOU by NITE and KCMA
Singed MOU by NITE and KCMA
(Second from the left is Mr.Kii, Director-General of Chemical Management Center, NITE and third from the left is Ms. Lee, Vice-Chairman of KCMA)

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