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NITE supports for the construction of "ASEAN-Japan Chemical Safety Database," which will be the information infrastructure common to the ASEAN countries.

In addition, NITE provides technical supports for bilateral cooperation with Asian countries performed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and/or through NITE's own approach, in order to establish the good relationships with them and/or to contribute on the improvement of their chemical management capabilities.

1. The ASEAN-Japan Chemical Safety Database

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2. Cooperation with Asian organizations and technical supports

(1)Technical Support for Bilateral Cooperation performed by METI

NITE provides technical supports for Bilateral Cooperation based on the MOCs (Memorandum for Cooperation) with Vietnam or Thailand performed by METI. The details on the MOCs are described in the following METI's websites.

(2)Cooperation with East Asian  organizations

In order to establish the good relationships, NITE concludes the MOUs (the Memorandum of Understandings) on information exchange and cooperation in the field of chemical management with East Asia.

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3. Technical Support for Human Resource Development toward the Improvement on the Chemical Management Capabilities of Asian Countries

Technical support for JICA projects and/or JICA training programs

NITE provides technical supports for JICA projects and/or JICA training programs on chemical management, such as the risk assessments, developing databases, GLP schemes, etc. planned by METI, through participating in them as experts for providing lectures, etc.

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