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The ASEAN-Japan Chemical Safety Database (AJCSD) is a database co-developed by ASEAN countries and Japan based on an agreement reached at ASEAN Economic Ministers and METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee(AMEICC) Working Group on Chemical Industry (WG-CI).
The AJCSD contains regulatory information on chemical substances provided directly by the governments of ASEAN countries, hazardous information, GHS Classification results, sample SDS, etc.
NITE is the operator of the AJCSD, and started the full operation from April 28, 2016.

 The ASEAN-Japan Chemical Safety Database
       June 4, 2024        Data on AJCSD has been updated.
       June 5, 2018        Guidance Video on AJCSD has been published.
       January 30, 2018    User's Manual has been published.You can see it on the footer of AJCSD Top page.

In 2010 and 2011, "ERIA (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia)", an international organization undertaking policy research and providing analytical policy recommendations to support for roles of ASEAN countries, conducted a series of studies on chemical safety. The year-2011 study "Study on the Feasibility of an Information Infrastructure for the Future Chemicals Management Scheme in the Asian Region", recommended the development of a database to help approaches on chemical managements in the region.
The report showed the concept of the chemical safety database which has a function to exchange chemical risk and hazard data with NITE-CHRIP (NITE Chemical Risk Information Platform) in Japan.

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