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OECD related activities


Chemical Management Center, NITE participates in international efforts with other countries/regions and organizations such as the OECD.

Activities under the OECD Environment, Health and Safety Program

(1)eChemPortal:a Global Portal to Information on Chemical Substances
(2)MAD(Mutual Acceptance of Data) in the Assessment of Chemicals
In 1981, the Mutual Acceptance Data (MAD) system was adopted by the OECD Council. MAD is a multilateral agreement which states that test data generated in any member country in accordance with OECD Test Guidelines and OECD GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) principles shall be accepted in other member countries for the purpose of notifying regulatory agencies. This avoids duplicative unnecessary testing and enhances trade facilitation.
Since 1997 non-OECD countries have been able to adhere to the MAD system. In the future, more non-member countries are expected to comply with Council Acts related to the MAD system and become active participants.
Chemical Management Center, NITE implements laboratory inspections and study audits with METI under the national GLP programme on CSCL, in order to ensure reliability of test data and harmonization with international standards. We have also been actively participating in both OECD and national activities in relation to implementation of OECD/GLP principles.

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Bilateral cooperation with other countries/regions

(1) Statement of Intent with European Chemicals Agency [PDF:91KB]

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