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Cooperation with ECHA


   Japanese chemical management related government bodies and European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) signed a Statement of Intent to promote their cooperation in 2011. The aim is to strengthen information exchange, scientific dialogue and technical cooperation towards common interest between Japan and EU to protect pollution by chemical substances which may have effect on human health or the environment. This is the first document on chemical management cooperation signed by the Japanese government bodies.
  The Rolling Work Plan (2011-2014) that describes the activities to implement the Statement of Intent includes
1) information exchange on chemical management scheme, 2) technical cooperation on QSAR, 3) information exchange on risk assessment scheme and data.
  The Rolling Work Plan (2015-2018) was revised in 2015. Topics identified for exchange of information are as follows;

European side: Executive Director, European Chemicals Agency
Japanese side:
-Director, Chemical Management Policy Division, Manufacturing Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
-Director, Chemical Hazards Control Division, Industrial Safety and Health Department, Labour Standards Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
-Director, Office of Chemical Safety, Evaluation and Licensing Division, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
-Director, Environmental Health and Safety Division, Environmental Health Department, Ministry of the Environment
-Director-General, Chemical Management Center, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)


Singed Statement of Intent with ECHA
(Second from the left is Dr. Tsuji, Director-General of Chemical Management Center, NITE )


Statement of intent
Rolling Work Plan (2015-2018)
ECHA (European Chemicals Agency)【PDF:外部サイト】

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