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Contamination of the environment by dioxins, etc. is a serious issue in our life. But it is very difficult to measure the concentration of substances like dioxins in our environment because the level of concentration is usually very low (ppt level). To ensure accurate measurement of the micro existent substances like dioxins, the Measurement Law was amended in June 2001, and thereby Specified Measurement Laboratory Accreditation Program (MLAP) was introduced.

What's Specified Measurement Laboratory Accreditation Program (MLAP) ?

Specified Measurement Laboratory Accreditation Program (MLAP) is an accreditation system that was newly introduced with the amendment of Measurement Law of Japan in June, 2001 in order to enhance the reliability of certified measurement data of micro existent substances such as dioxins.
By the introduction of MLAP, a laboratory doing business for certifying measurement data of dioxins, etc. can apply for MLAP accreditation to National Institute of Evaluation and Technology (Note 1) and be accredited as an "accredited specified measurement Laboratory" (the effective date is April 1, 2002.).
The scheme of the accreditation is as shown below.

 scheme of the accreditation

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MLAP Symbol

About MLAP symbol

A laboratory which is granted MLAP accreditation can
issue certificates with the symbol below. (METI ordinance concerning Measurement Law
No.49-7-2 )

MLAP Symbol

Distribution of the MLAP symbol

The MLAP symbol can be downloaded from here.

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We are distributing hard copy of the MLAP symbol to the laboratories which plan to apply for the MLAP. If you want to be sent one by mail, please contact us.

Prescribing in the measurement law

Use of the MLAP symbol is prescribed in the Measurement Law. Everyone should follow these provisions.

Reference) Distribution of the measurement laboratories symbol

The measurement laboratories symbol can be downloaded from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Measurement and Intellectual Infrastructure Division. [jpg:External Link] We are also distributing a hard copy of the symbol to the laboratories. If you want to be sent one by mail, please contact us. When measurement laboratories issue a certification with the symbol, they should submit the notification to the local government about the alteration of their provisions.

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Business Category of MLAP

The business category of MLAP is set as shown below so far.

  1. 1.  Business of measurement certification for concentration of dioxins in air (Note 2)
  2. 2.  Business of measurement certification for concentration of dioxins in water or soils (Note 2)
  3. 3.  Others
(Note 1)
When a designated accreditation body is designated, an application can be made to the designated accreditation body as well.
(Note 2)
As for the business for measurement certification above 1 and 2, unless a laboratory is granted accreditation as an accredited specified measurement laboratory and registered by a local government, it will not be able to do business for measurement certification from April 1, 2002.

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About Dioxins

Basic information about dioxins, its characteristic, toxicity, influence, etc.

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Pamphlet (PDF files) Japanese Only

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