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Actinoplanes missouriensis 431T (= NBRC 102363T)


Actinoplanes missouriensis strain 431T [= NBRC 102363T = DSM 43046T] is the type strain of the species A. missouriensis. Strain 431T was originally isolated from barnyard soil near Hamilton, Missouri, USA. Actinoplanes species are Gram-positive, soil-inhabiting and filamentous bacteria. The genus is of morphological interest because its members typically produce sporangia containing motile spores with flagella. Spores are released from sporangia upon contact with water and exhibit chemotactic properties. As members of Actinoplanes produce a variety of antibiotics, enzymes and other bioactive compounds, Actinoplanes species are potentially useful genetic resources for discovering secondary metabolites and enzymes. Because strain 431T produces glucose isomerase (xylose isomerase) and has high degrading activity to flavonoid and natural rubber, this strain is expected to be useful for industrial applications.

The genome of strain 431T consists of one circular chromosome (8,773,466 bp; GC content 70.8%). A. missouriensis DSM 43046T was reported to contain a linear plasmid, pAM1, however, the corresponding plasmid was not found in strain 431T(= NBRC 102363T) by CHEF electrophoresis analysis and genome sequencing. It is possible that the linear plasmid was cured from strain 431T by repeated subculturing in the laboratory. In comparison to other members of the family Micromonosporaceae, such as Salinispora and Micromonospora, A. missouriensis has a larger genome size. Of the total of 8,204 predicted genes, 8,125 were protein-coding genes and 79 were RNA genes. More than half of the protein-coding genes (4,539, 55.9%) were assigned a putative function, while the remaining predicted genes were annotated as encoding hypothetical proteins.

Actinoplanes missouriensis 431T
Photo by Prof. Hayakawa in University of Yamanashi


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Genomic size: 8,773,466bp
The number of ORFs: 8,125
GC content: 70.82%
Genome Database: DOGAN
NBRC No. : 102363
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