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Aeropyrum pernix K1T(= NBRC 100138T)


Aeropyrum pernix K1T is an aerobic hyper-thermophilic archaeon and was isolated by a research team (Y. Sako et al) of Kyoto University in 1993 in a hydrothermal vent at Kodakara Island in Kagoshima Prefecture. Partly because it is an aerobic archaeon, its genome was analyzed to compare with the anaerobic P. horikoshii OT3T(= NBRC 100139T) genome. The archaeon optimally grows at temperatures between 90 to 95 °C and at pH 7.0 and a salinity of 3.5% with a doubling time of about 200 min. Its growth temperature is somewhat lower than that of P. horikoshii OT3T. Nonetheless it is still the highest among aerobic hyper-thermophilic archaea whose genomes have so far been analyzed. The archaeon does not require sulfur-containing compounds for growth, and hence does not generate H2S during growth.

A. pernix K1T is spherical in shape with 0.8 to 1.0 µm in diameter. Similar to P. horikoshii OT3T, the genome of this archaeon contains 14 tRNA genes with introns and as much as 50 % of organism-specific genes. It is interesting to note that it possesses and expresses genes encoding 'proliferating cell nuclear antigens' that play roles in the control of cell cycle, DNA-repair and apoptosis in eukaryotic organisms. These gene products were found to enhance processivity of DNA polymerases in A. pernix K1T cells. Extensive comparative analysis between P. horikoshii OT3T and A. pernix K1T and with others would reveal more interesting features associated with their genomes.

Aeropyrum pernix K1
Photo by K.Yamaguchi


The genomic data of A. pernix was changed as follows.

  1. 1.Genomic size: 1,669,695 bp -> 1,669,696 bp (single bp insertion at position 941,216)
  2. 2.ORFs:
    1. 1.Number of ORFs: 2,694 -> 1,700
    2. 2.Number of ORFs changed in N-terminus: 978
    3. 3.Number of deleted ORFs : 1,128
    4. 4.Number of newly added ORFs : 134
Genomic size: 1,669,696 bp
The number of ORFs: 1,700
GC content: 56.3%
Published paper: Complete Genome Sequence of an Aerobic Hyper-thermophilic Crenarchaeon, Aeropyrum pernix K1.
DNA Res. 6(2), 83-101 (1999)
[supplement : DNA Res. 6(2), 145-152 (1999)]
Genome Database: DOGAN
NBRC* No. : 100138T

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