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The outline of Rhodococcus opacus B4 (=NBRC 108011) proteome


We have analyzed the proteome of Rhodococcus opacus B4 (=NBRC 108011) under the following four conditions.

  1. (1) Original strain (tolerance to organic solvent)
  2. (2) Reduced-tolerance strain
  3. (3) sigB deficient strain (deleted-tolerance)
  4. (4) Original strain cultured with added oleyl alcohol

These samples were analyzed by Peptide Mass Fingerprinting (two-dimensional PAGE followed by MALDI-TOFMS) and shotgun proteomics (one-dimensional SDS-PAGE in combination with two-dimensional LC-MS/MS).
N-terminal amino acid sequencing by the protein sequencer were also performed.

The result of proteome analysis

A total of 3164 proteins were identified.

This study was sponsored by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Rhodococcus opacus B4 (=NBRC 108011) proteome data in DOGAN

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