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NBRC 9455: Aspergillus brasiliensis Varge et al.

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Synonymous Name
Other Culture Collection No. ATCC 16404=CBS 733.88=DSM 1387=DSM 1988=KCTC 6317=MUCL 29039=MUCL 30113
Other No. 034(120)=WDCM 00053
Herberium No.
Shipping as Glass ampoule (L-dried)
Type Strain
Biosafety Level
Conditions of utilization
Plant Quarantine No.
Animal Quarantine No.
Source of Isolation Blueberry, Vaccinium sp.
Locality of Source North Carolina
Country/region of Origin USA
Accepted Date 1971/06/05
Isolated Year
Deposited Year
History IFO 9455 <- ATCC 16404 <- Warner Lambert Res. Inst., Morris Plains, New Jersey (S.M. Ringel, 034(120))
Comment Former name: Aspergillus niger until April 2011.
For the spore production, sealing the cultures with parafilm is not recommended. Aeration is necessary.
For the difference of medium on spore production, see
Rehydration Fluid 707
Medium 1
Cultivation Temp. 25 C
Oxygen Relationship
Applications Japanese pharmacopeia (microbial limit test);test
JIS B 9918-1:2008;test
Japanese pharmacopeia (sterility test);test
Japanese pharmacopeia (preservatives-effectiveness tests);test
ISO 13629-2:2014;test
ISO 11930:2019;test
JIS B 9918-1:2008 (ISO 14698-1:2003);test
食品、添加物等の規格基準 (昭和34年厚生省告示第370号);test
Mating Type
Genetic Markers