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NBRC 102967: Acaryochloris marina Miyashita & Chihara (class: Cyanophyceae)

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Synonymous Name
Other Culture Collection No. MBIC 11017
Other No. Acaryo=MBIC11017
Herberium No.
Shipping as Vial, test tube or plate (Active)
Type Strain type
Biosafety Level L1
Conclusion of MTA is required
Conditions of utilization
Plant Quarantine No.
Animal Quarantine No.
Source of Isolation Ascidian
Locality of Source Milky Way, Pacific Ocean
Country/region of Origin Palau
Accepted Date 2007/03/27
Isolated Year 1993
Deposited Year 2006
History MBIC11017
Comment Axenic culture.
Rehydration Fluid
Medium 963
Cultivation Temp. 20 C
Oxygen Relationship
Information for Users Axenic culture.
(Cultivation Information) Liquid
Light intensity: 10 micro mole photon / m2 / sec
LD cycle: 14L:10D
cultivation time: 2 weeks
Accession No
Biosample ID
Bioproject ID
Applications Chl d;production
Mating Type
Genetic Markers
References 4955,4966,4974,4976,4979,4980,4984,4986,4994,5808