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Catalogue Detail Information
NBRC No. NBRC 110974
Scientific Name of this Strain Actinoplanes cibodasensis Nurkanto et al. 2015
Synonymous Name
Type Strain type 
Accepted Date 2015/03/10 
Isolated Year 2011 
Deposited Year 2015 
History LIPI (A. Nurkanto) & NBRC (M. Hamada), JSAT11-2-Ac042 <- LIPI (A. Nurkanto, LIPI11-2-Ac042) <- LIPI (A. Nurkanto, Cli04 RC-5) 
Other Culture Collection No. InaCC A458 
Other No. Cli04 RC-5=JSAT11-2-Ac042=LIPI11-2-Ac042 
Rehydration Fluid 707
Medium 231   
Cultivation Temp. 28 C  
Oxygen Relationship  
Source of Isolation Leaf litter, Macropanaxdis pectum 
Locality of Source (WGS84) Cibodas botanical garden, Bogor 
Country of Origin Indonesia 
Biosafety Level  
Mating Type  
Genetic Marker  
Plant Quarantine No.  
Animal Quarantine No.  
Herbarium No.  
Restriction Conclusion of MTA is required 
Condition for Utilization  
References 7457 
Sequences 16S rDNA  (2 Sequences) 
Shipping as Glass ampoule (L-dried) 
Accession No.  
Biosample ID  
Bioproject ID  

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