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Rule : Alginate lyase (ALY)

Rule Description

Rule name ALY
Created 2013-05-28
Protein name
Protein name
Alginate lyase
Gene name aly
Rule Trigger PFAM; PF08787; hit=1
BLASTP; I6P4V6; hit=1; score=2000; pid=85
BLASTP; A9CEJ9; hit=1; score=1800; pid=45
Cross Reference
Feature Not assigned
General annotation Not assigned
Q53EJ1 Vibrio sp. QY101.
Cloning, sequence analysis and expression of gene alyVI encoding alginate lyase from marine bacterium Vibrio sp. QY101. (DNA Seq. 2004)
I6P4V6 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia (Pseudomonas maltophilia) (Xanthomonas maltophilia).
Molecular cloning, purification, and characterization of a novel polyMG-specific alginate lyase responsible for alginate MG block degradation in Stenotrophomas maltophilia KJ-2. (Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2012)
A9CEJ9 Agrobacterium fabrum (strain C58 / ATCC 33970) (Agrobacterium tumefaciens (strain C58)).
A biosystem for alginate metabolism in Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain C58: molecular identification of Atu3025 as an exotype family PL-15 alginate lyase. (Res Microbiol. 2006)

Related Function

Function name
Alginate degradation


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Scientific name NBRC No. CDS Product name
Alteromonas macleodii102226MASE_04170cyclic nucleotide-binding domain-containing protein
MASE_04185putative alginate lyase
Amycolatopsis mediterranei13415RAM_20915hypothetical protein
Catenulispora acidiphila102108Caci_1606Alginate lyase 2
Caci_7491Alginate lyase 2
Cellulophaga lytica14961Celly_0299Alginate lyase 2
Celly_3050Poly(beta-D-mannuronate) lyase
Chryseobacterium gleum15054HMPREF0204_13464alginate lyase
Chthoniobacter flavusCfE428DRAFT_1594Alginate lyase 2
Cystobacter fuscus100088D187_001810F5/8 type C domain protein
Gluconobacter frateurii101659GfraN1_010100004704hypothetical protein
Kordia algicida100336KAOT1_04160Poly(beta-D-mannuronate) lyase
KAOT1_04170putative alginate lyase
KAOT1_04175alginate lyase
KAOT1_04210hypothetical protein
Kribbella flavida14399Kfla_1504Alginate lyase 2
Niastella koreensis106392Niako_4104Alginate lyase 2
Niako_5220Alginate lyase 2
Pseudomonas putida100650PP_3774conserved hypothetical protein
Stackebrandtia nassauensis102104Snas_3336Alginate lyase 2
Streptomyces avermitilis14893SAV0802hypothetical protein
Vibrio alginolyticus15630N646_4461hypothetical protein
N646_4462alginate lyase precursor
N646_4465hypothetical protein