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Newly redesigned NITE website has launched


January 27, 2015

 On January 27,2015, NITE has launched the website with new improved design.

Therefore, the addresses of some pages have changed, except the top page (
The address change rule is as follows.

(The old address) (The new address)****.html****.html****.html****.html

When accessing the old address after January 27, 2015, a guide page to the new address is shown for the time being. Please change URL addresses for NITE’s website pages (for example, those registered as bookmarks), except for the top page (
There is no change in the addresses of the following contents.
* Chemical Risk Information Platform (CHRIP)
* Japan CHEmicals Collaborative Knowledge database (J-CHECK)
* GHS Information
We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will kindly understand the above situation. NITE will continue to make efforts to provide web services for the convenience of users.

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