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News "CHRIP and Risk Assessment Brochures" in English


Nov. 18, 2011
National Institute of Technology and Evaluation

Currently, to enable people from all walks of life to better contribute to the enhancement of chemical management today, reliable scientific data and information regarding appropriate risk assessment and risk management have been collected, improved, and made available by NITE-CMC, to the general public through CHRIP.

Lately, to answer the increasing need for risk assessment information from Asian countries, we have produced the following English Brochures.

  1. 1.Chemical Risk Information Platform (CHRIP) -2011 Edition-
  2. 2.How to interact successfully with Chemical Substances -Risk Assessment of chemical substances-
  3. 3.Risk Assessment on chemicals -For Better Understanding-

Distributions to departments in charge of chemical management in each Asian country, text for international seminars as well as references for all international business operators are expected.

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