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JNLA stands for the Japan National Laboratory Accreditation System which refers to a testing laboratory accreditation system based on the JIS Law enforced in September 1997.


This program is operated based on ISO/IEC 17011. In this standard which is international criteria for accreditation body, an accreditation of testing laboratories is required to evaluate whether the laboratory conforms the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.


Thus JNLA was internationally accepted to have been operated based on these standards and consequently became a signatory of APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) /MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) in October 1998, then of ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation cooperation) / MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) in November 2000. This is a further step forwards to an international One-Stop-Testing which means results tested once are valid worldwide.
Under this JNLA program, an accredited testing laboratory can issue a test certificate with a special JNLA symbol described in above figure.

A assessment for accreditation examines a testing laboratory whether its management system, competence testing facility and equipment are appropriate for specific JIS test according to the results of document review, on-site assessment and proficiency testing. An accredited testing laboratory shall accept the follow-up surveillances to confirm its continuous competence for testing.

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