International Accreditation Japan (IAJapan)

Scope of Accreditation (JNLA)


JNLA specifies as of 2019-07-30 the following accreditation fields

Accreditation Field (Technical area) JIS Division (*)
Civil Engineering and Architecture A
Mechanical Engineering B
Electrical Appliances Safety C
Vehicle D, E
Ferrous Materials and Metallurgy / Non-Ferrous Metals and Metallurgy G, H
Chemical Products K
Textile L
Pulp, Paper and Packaging Products P, M, Z
Ceramics R
Equipment for Water Supply Service / Burning Appliances S
Domestic Wares (except Equipment for Water Supply Service and Burning Appliances) S
Antibacterial and Antiviral Activity L, Z
Medical, Welfare and Safety Products T
Electromagnetic Records X
Radiation Z

*[JIS Divisions]

F,Q and W are excluded. F: Shipbuilding, Q: Management System, W: Aircraft and Aviation

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