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NBRC Online Catalogue is a database system of NBRC culture collection. You can search information of NBRC strains such as strain number, scientific name, source of isolation, country of origin and sequence data. Homology search with BLAST is also available to find NBRC strains.
Furthermore, the items you wish to purchase can be ordered from NBRC Online Catalogue.

NBRC Online Catalogue

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  1. 1. The information of the catalogue contains not only materials provided by depositors and transferors but also the original information added by NBRC. NBRC may update, add, amend, remove or change any part of the content based on new information without prior notice.
  2. 2. NBRC retains copyright to the articles and illustrative materials on the catalogue.
  3. 3. NBRC assumes no responsibility for any consequences arising out of or in connection with the use of any information that is available on the catalogue.

NBRC Online Catalogue Search

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