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Sulfolobus tokodaii strain7T (= NBRC 100140T)


This archaeon was isolated from one of the hot springs in Beppu-Onsen of Oita Prefecture. It is capable of decomposing hydrogen sulfide by itself and grows well under acidic conditions. It belongs to Crenarchaeota as in the case of Aeropyrum pernix K1T(= NBRC 100138T), but its genome (2.69 Mb) is about 1 Mb larger than that of A. pernix K1T. The larger genome size is most probably due to the integration of a plasmid during the course of evolution, since as many as 81 genes/ORFs assigned on the genome of this archaeon show similarity to those encoded in a plasmid present in another species of Sulfolobus. In addition, the archaeon seems to contain duplications of many genes/ORFs.

Unlike the two other archaea previously analyzed at NITE-DOB, i.e. P. horikoshii OT3T(= NBRC 100139T) and Aeropyrum pernix, the genome of this archaeon does not seem to contain genes encoding proteins with inteins. Furthermore, it contains as many as 14 genes/ORFs that show similarity to eukaryotic genes including those encoding a eukaryotic type of selenium-binding protein, a serine/threonine protein phosphatase subunit, etc. Since these genes/ORFs could not be detected in the genomes of other archaea, S. tokodaii strain 7T is likely to be more closely related to eukaryotes than other archaea so far analyzed.

Courtesy of Dr. Wakagi
(formerly Oshima Lab.,
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.)

Genomic size: 2,694,756 bp
The number of ORFs: 2,826
GC content: 32.8%
Published paper: Complete Genome Sequence of an Aerobic Thermoacidphilic Crenarchaeon, Sulfolobus tokodaii strain7.
DNA Res. 8(4),123-140 (2001)
Genome Database: DOGAN
NBRC* No. : 100140T
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