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The outline of Aeropyrum pernix K1T (= NBRC 100138T) proteome


We have analyzed the proteome of a crenararchaon Aeropyrum pernix K1T by using the following four methods.

  1. (1) Two-dimensional PAGE followed by MALDI-TOFMS
  2. (2) One-dimensional SDS-PAGE in combination with two-dimensional LC-MS/MS
  3. (3) Multi-dimensional LC-MS/MS
  4. (4) 2D-PAGE followed by N-terminal amino acid sequencing

The result of proteome analysis

A total of 704 proteins (41% of 1700 ORFs) were successfully identified and 19 were not previously described in the genomic annotation.

N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis indicated that surprisingly the translation of 52 % of their genes starts with TTG. Thus, A. pernix K1T is the first example of an organism in which TTG is the most predominant translational initiation codon.

The data is published from DOGAN as highly precise genome information reflecting these results.

Aeropyrum pernix K1

The translational initiation codon of
Aeropyrum pernix K1T

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